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Updating UK trademarks to deal with Brexit

Updating UK trademarks to deal with Brexit

Updating UK trademark records to deal with Brexit

Halloween is fast approaching and with it the prospect of Brexit. The British Prime Minister is adamant that Britain will crash out then, many others in Parliament are equally adamant that Britain will stay in, at least for a while. And as usual, no-one knows what will happen.

The UK IPO is ready to deal with Brexit, whenever it happens, and so is TM Cloud. The guidelines for trademarks are clear. All EUTM registrations will become UK registrations, and will be re-numbered by adding the prefix UK009 to the last 8 digits of the existing EUTM number. WIPO international trademarks that designate the EU will also become UK registrations and keep the last eight digits of the international trademark number, prefixed with ‘UK008’.

The changes to the UK IPO records will take place “immediately before exit day”. This means loading over 1,000,000 re-numbered marks into the existing UK IPO database.

All EUTM pending applications will need to be re-filed in the UK.

TM Cloud has made the necessary preparations, and “immediately before exit day” we can clone your EUTM registrations and renumber them automatically to create your new UK records in the software. All cloned records will be highlighted in light yellow in the trademark search results hit list once completed.

More information on the Brexit trademark changes can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/changes-to-trade-mark-law-if-the-uk-leaves-the-eu-without-a-deal/changes-to-trade-mark-law-in-the-event-of-no-deal-from-the-european-union