Updating UK trademark records to deal with Brexit

Halloween is fast approaching and with it the prospect of Brexit. The British Prime Minister is adamant that Britain will crash out then, many others in Parliament are equally adamant that Britain will stay in, at least for a while. And as usual, no-one knows what will happen.

The UK IPO is ready to deal with Brexit, whenever it happens, and so is TM Cloud. The guidelines fo...


How to docket a new US trademark application

Option 1:

When you get instructions to file, make a skeleton record in TM Cloud, entering the Trademark name, the Applicant, status and jurisdiction (US). A follow up date will be generated automatically.

File using TEAS, and get the application number and date immediately. Enter data into the record.

Wait for 3 or 4 days until...


How good is the data in your docketing system?Is it complete, accurate and up-to-date?

And how do you know? When did you last audit it? Your docket reports and client reports depend on accurate records.

At TM Cloud, we provide a comprehensive database system specifically designed for trademarks, patents and other IP cases, which not only holds all your data but also makes it easy to keep it accurate and up to date.



The “self-driving” Docket

USPTO autonomous trademark status updates

For many years USPTO Trademark Examiners have been using a tracking system as they handle applications and maintenance. It’s based on a series of codes and descriptions for each step in the life cycle of an application, from “630: Initialized, not assigned to Examiner” to “900: Not renewed”. There ar...


The Madrid system originated in 1891, and recently reached the milestone of 100 member countries with the accession of Indonesia. For many years membership was concentrated in continental European countries, and a new lease of life was triggered by the adoption of the Madrid Protocol in 1989. The United Kingdom joined in 1995 and the United States in 2003.

Using Madrid for multiple national trademark filings is now mainstream; it...


As a fan of Banksy it was interesting to read that a federal court in New York has awarded$6.7 million to 21 artists under the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA).

The murals (don’t call them graffiti) were legally on a large oldfactory building complex in Queens, rented out as artists studios. The buildings were known as 5POINTZ and were a well known tourist attraction and a “graffiti mecca”.

The murals were painted over and...


Trademark Housekeeping

It’s fashionable these days to concentrate on docketing, and rightly so. Answering Office Actions on time, getting extensions until your client starts to use the mark, filing Section 8 and 15 affidavits, and renewing registrations are important tasks, but only part of the bigger picture.

If your practice is limited to tracking a few US applications, you may be able to get by with o...


It is still not clear how Brexit will affect trademark rights in the UK and other jurisdictions. Both the EU and the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) favor the “Montenegro” option under which all EUTM applications and registrations would automatically become UK applications or registrations.

At first glance, this all sounds good, and probably would be the best outcome; but there are substantial hidden costs for all concerned...


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The Digital Millenium Copyright Act safe harbor provision protects Internet Service Providers from liability for infringing works published by third parties on their websites provided that the ISP has supplied the Copyright Office with details of their designated Agent. The procedure for doing this was updated and much improved by changes intro...


Louis Stevenson Attorney at Law


It may be time to replace your trademark software.

Most trademark practitioners in firms and corporate legal departments are still using trademark docketing systems that are 15 to 20 years old. You may have bought it a few years ago, but getting an “old established” system is not a recommendation for software. Would you use a 10 year old...