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File USPTO Trademarks with Speed and Ease

Our tools streamline collecting information about new trademark applications and filing them with the USPTO.

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Easily collaborate on new trademark filings

Branded for your firm or company, our collaborative intake form securely makes it faster and easier to collect information about a trademark application. You can pre-populate a portion of, or all of, the intake form before sending it to your client or colleague. You can also send it blank and use it to guide your initial discussion. Alt Legal tells you when your colleague/client both starts and completes the form.

Transfer data directly to TEAS applications

The best part is once you receive the form back and review and update any responses, our unique integration transfers the data directly to the TEAS application without the need to retype anything. Eliminate the back and forth over multiple emails and the need to copy and paste from multiple sources into TEAS forms.

See how our USPTO TEAS forms and integration can save you time

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