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Welcome to Alt Legal!

TM Cloud has been acquired by Alt Legal. Alt Legal’s mission is to make the lives of trademark professionals
easier which is why we’re known as the “I ♡ Trademarks” company!

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Our Approach

Customer experience is our top priority, and we’re committed to ensuring that all users enjoy a superior IP docketing system with the most advanced technology, unique features, and outstanding customer support.

Alt Legal customers enjoy:

  • A feature-rich, intuitive docketing platform that saves you time and reduces the potential for human error.
  • The best customer service, period. Our customers love everything from the initial live training to ongoing support via phone, email or live chat provided by our team.
  • The Alt Legal Community, a global community of trademark professionals eager to learn and network through our webinar series, online trademark resources that range from blog articles and e-books to on-demand webinars, and full trademark courses.
  • Seamless, no-charge data migrations at any time during their subscriptions.

Our Features Move beyond what you expect from legacy docketing systems with Alt Legal’s distinctively different trademark docketing software.

  • Powerful Automation on a Global Scale

    Global coverage combined with powerful automation is what drives the many timesaving features our customers depend on every day. This not only includes auto-population of data and calculation of deadlines when matters are docketed, it means ongoing, proactive updating of trademarks across 180+ jurisdictions worldwide. Our direct connections to the USPTO and CIPO leads to even more automation.

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  • Daily Email Updates & Calendar Sync

    Stay current on your entire IP docket without having to log into Alt Legal. Daily automated emails keep responsible individuals updated on key deadlines and status changes, and deadlines can be seamlessly synced to any external calendar.

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  • Quick Docket Reports & Personalized Emails

    Create and download reports to share with clients and colleagues with just a few clicks, or further customize with an intuitive menu of options. You can also save frequently-used reports that dynamically update whenever you view or download them.

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  • Unlimited Third-Party Docket Access

    Grant clients, foreign associates, and outside counsel limited access to view their matters at no additional cost to your organization. These key stakeholders will have the ability to see their matters and upcoming deadlines, create reports, and view documents.

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