Louis Stevenson Attorney at Law
[email protected]
December 19, 2016

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act safe harbor provision protects Internet Service Providers from liability for infringing works published by third parties on their websites provided that the ISP has supplied the Copyright Office with details of their designated Agent. The procedure for doing this was updated and much improved by changes introduced on December 1st 2016.

The TMCloud e-Commerce module has a link to enable users to access the Copyright Office database to look up designated agents, to determine where take down notices should be sent.  Under the new rules ISPs have until December 2017 to register and provide contact details for a new database, which is available at The previous database will remain online, and we have added a link to the new one in the e-Commerce module.

One practical problem is finding out who the ISP is. To do this you have to venture into the arcane world of whois DNS lookups and numeric IP addresses. We have added a couple of links to the e-Commerce module to help.


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