Louis Stevenson Attorney at Law
[email protected]
October 18, 2016

It may be time to replace your trademark software.

Most trademark practitioners in firms and corporate legal departments are still using trademark docketing systems that are 15 to 20 years old. You may have bought it a few years ago, but getting an “old established” system is not a recommendation for software. Would you use a 10 year old cell phone?

Here’s what you may be missing

Ease of use: You hire a new paralegal. How long does it take to get him or her up to speed with your system? Do you need to spend time and money on training? Newer systems are much more intuitive and usable, and tend to work much the same way as you have come to expect.

Adding new trademark records: New systems let you download complete trademark records from online national trademark databases with one click. You get everything; the trademark, the logo, all the core information, the complete list of goods, and much of the docketing information. There is no need to start typing all of that in. And this is not just for the USPTO, it can be for up to 60 or more jurisdictions, many of which also give you the next renewal due date.

Custom Excel Reports: Excel reports are now the standard, and custom pre-formatted Excel reports are even better. Modern systems have flexible custom reports, and are not “paper based”. It’s easier to email and attach an Excel report, than print and mail pieces of paper.

Auto docketing: The last few years have seen significant advances in automatic docketing. You can now sync your trademark records with the USPTO prosecution history, and load critical due dates into your docket automatically.

Docket syncing and automatic emails: your docket goes everywhere with you, on your desktop at the office, your laptop at home, your tablet or cellphone, synced with your personal calendar on all the devices.


Online everywhere anytime access: Not just for a few reports, but full access for creating and editing records, running reports, handing the docket, on your laptop, iPad, or other tablets.

Patents vs trademarks: A final thought. Do you keep your trademark records in a patent system? Most legacy systems were designed for patents, to track and docket annuity payments. Trademark docketing was added as an afterthought. It’s not a good fit.

The TM Cloud Trademark Practice Management software was created  to replace legacy systems. It is updated continuously to keep up with the changing software and docketing landscape.



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